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BirdBrain History

will will serve standards-based History and Social Studies to students at different reading levels and will adapt the reading level they receive as they improve.

Useful, Intuitive, and Proven

BirdBrain History will include the same useful reports, intuitive dashboards, and rich features that we've proven we could deliver with BirdBrain Science. We've helped over 35,000 students understand core concepts that they have struggled with, by serving curriculum at their own reading level, then continually adapting to keep them challenged, but not frustrated. Here are just a few features that the two sites will share:

Easy to Understand Student Data

Our reports are intuitive, meant to give you what you need at a glance. Easily put together a reteach plan, see which students need help and with what concepts, and track progress of all kinds.

  • Reteach Plan

  • Core Concepts

  • Recent Scores

  • Gradebook

  • Literacy Report

  • Missing Homework

Free Response Questions
Aligned to Common Core

Teachers can optionally turn on free response questions for any assignment. Each free response question is Common Core aligned.